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Fine Jewelry Gifts for each Zodiac Sign

Fine Jewelry Gifts for each Zodiac Sign

Firstly, let’s establish that you can’t go wrong with a fine jewelry gift ever, no matter the zodiac sign. And it only gets better if you put some extra thought into the choice of your gift by selecting something that is aligned with the personality of the person you are giving it to - including yourself. We curated some of our most exclusive pieces according to the twelve zodiac signs core personality traits below.

ARIES is brave, strong-willed and productive. At times can be impulsive and impatient. For this Zodiac Sign we recommend our Ruby Bubble Bracelet that is just as fiery and powerful as its owner.

TAURUS is energetic, practical and tidy. Tends to be stubborn and excessive. Our Bubble Bracelet with Fancy Sapphire in shades of pink and a sparkly diamond feels balancing and warm.

GEMINI is curious, seductive and imaginative, sometimes restless and careless. Our Ruby Bangle with two teardrop shaped Rubies captivates with a playful look and clever design.

CANCER is intelligent, crafty, rational, at times can be moody and oppressive. The Herkimer Diamond Belonging Bracelet perfectly captures the Cancer’s personality with it’s roughly cut gems and irregular inclusions.

LEO is dominant, courageous and aristocratic. Tends to have a hedonistic lifestyle and act impulsive. For this zodiac sign nothing less than our royal Blue Sapphire Bangle with Diamonds can capture their personality in one piece of jewelry.

VIRGO is efficient, calm and adaptable. Tends to be materialistic and critical. Our soft Lavender Sapphire Tennis Bracelet perfectly reflects the sensitive and calm nature of the Virgo.

LIBRA is wise, helpful and friendly. Can act superficial and indifferent. For this sign we recommend the Morganite Belonging Bracelet which we love for its understated sophistication.

SCORPIO is emotional, determined and inquisitive, can be jealous and unforgiving sometimes. The passionate Ruby Bangle is the ideal choice for your Scorpio friend.

SAGITTARIUS is optimistic, funny and intellectual, can come across as cold-hearted and overconfident. Our multi-color Bubble Bracelet with Sapphires reflects the multi-facetted personality of Sagittarius personalities.

CAPRICORN is self-disciplined, stoic and determined. Trends to be pessimistic and inflexible. With our Blue Sapphire Bubble Bracelet you might just have found the perfect gift for this personality.

AQUARIUS is trustworthy, independent and logical. Sometimes can act rebellious and detached. Our ocean blue Aquamarin Belonging Bracelet conveys stability and independence at the same time.

PISCES is sensible, easygoing and warm-hearted. Can come across as dreamy and obsessive. Our Bubble Bracelet with yellow and orange Sapphire and Diamond combines exactly this warmth and lightness that Pisces embodies.

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