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7 things you didn’t know about Sapphires

7 things you didn’t know about Sapphires

If you were born in September you’re in luck! Your birthstone is Sapphire - one of the most popular and precious gemstones in the world. Reason enough to reveal some Sapphire secrets:

  1. Blue Sapphire is one of the big four precious gemstones alongside Emerald (green), Ruby (red) and Diamond (white). They are also called the cardinal gemstones. Amethyst used to count as the fifth cardinal gemstone, until large amounts were found in Brazil and with that its value decreased.

  2. Some of the most desired blue Sapphires come from the Kashmir region of India. Sapphires from Kashmir display a vivid velvety blue hue that is unique to the region.

  3. Princess Diana’s engagement Ring is made of a Kashmir Sapphire surrounded by 14 Diamonds. She picked the ring herself instead of choosing one from the Queen’s collection.

  4. Ruby is scientifically a red Sapphire that gets its color from the element chromium. The more chromium the deeper the red and the more valuable the stone. A minimum must be met to call it a Ruby.

  5. Sapphires also come in other colors of the rainbow including shades of yellow, orange, green, pink and purple. These varieties are called Fancy Sapphires.

  6. Sapphire is the second hardest natural material in the world after the diamond. The diamond is the hardest material with a hardness of 10 on the Mohs scale, while Sapphire reaches a 9.

  7. Sapphire goes back to the Latin "saphirus" and the Greek "sapheiros" which means blue.
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