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Rareté Studios Female Founders - Sanaz Hughes and Alexandra Wilke

A Letter From Our Founders

The story of Rareté Studios began in 2022, 13 years after we first met during an internship at a PR agency.

After all those years we reconnected over our love for jewelry and our vision for a world in which everyone can be be their unique self without fear.

One year later, our vision has stayed the same, and we are so proud that people all over the world love and wear our jewelry.

With precious materials, traditional jewelry craftsmanship and 90's-inspired designs, our mission is to inspire more people to dare to be their unique self.


Sanaz x Alexandra

Rareté Studios - What guides us

What Guides Us

As the name of our brand suggests, RARITY is one of our guiding principles that is expressed in each of our jewelry creations:

Design! We create and curate fine jewelry that stands out with iconic one-of-a-kind design that you won’t find anywhere else.

Materials! We work with rare natural gemstones, all carefully selected for each of our pieces, and with 18k recycled gold.

Tradition! We partner with some of the few world-leading jewelry experts, craftsmen and women in Idar-Oberstein, Germany with generations of experience and know-how.

Rareté Studios Inspiration Mood Board

What Inspires Us

The French "undone look" and 90's fashion are at the heart of our inspiration. With every piece of jewelry that we design or curate we always ask ourselves: Does it spark joy in us?

Rareté Studios - Values

What We Value

We have built Rareté Studios on a foundation of strong values:

We believe that SELF-REFLECTION and INCLUSION are key to any kind of personal and professional growth and success.

Our appreciation for the RARITIES in life guide our designs, selection of materials, creation process and the way we build our jewelry house.

Last but not least, our credo is to always do what we do with a touch of BOLDNESS.