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A trip to the city of gemstones: Idar-Oberstein - Rareté Studios

A trip to the city of gemstones: Idar-Oberstein

Exploring Idar-Oberstein: Unveiling the Artistry Behind Rareté Studios Jewelry

Last week was a momentous occasion for us as we embarked on our inaugural press trip to Idar-Oberstein, a picturesque town in Western Germany renowned for its colored gemstone industry – the very origin of Rareté Studios jewelry. We had the pleasure of extending an invitation to Sharon Berkal, the founder and chief editor of the esteemed blogazine Haus Glanz, to join us on an exclusive tour that unveiled the secrets behind traditional jewelry and gemstone craftsmanship. Idar-Oberstein is home to a select few who have mastered these arts to a level that truly sets them apart.

Our journey took us from the initial design phase of our exquisite solid gold letter beads, right through to the creation of our coveted BELONGING Bracelet. Although a seemingly humble gold letter bead may appear simple, the amount of time, expertise, and the team involved in designing and crafting it are indeed significant.

We delved into the intricate steps involved in the creation of our BELONGING Bracelet, which include:

  1. Development of Letter Beads: Utilizing Computer-Aided Design and 3D Printing, we achieved the perfect shape and size that evokes the nostalgia of acrylic pearls from our childhood.

  2. Gold Casting: We employed 18K solid gold, ensuring a rich gold color and lasting quality. Witnessing the casting process and the machinery, heat, and expertise involved was a fascinating experience.

  3. Polishing and Cleaning: Achieving a super glossy finish for each letter bead necessitates the use of various instruments. Our master goldsmith, renowned worldwide, dedicates up to an hour of handwork to achieve perfection.

  4. Gemstone Faceting: The intricate faceting of each gemstone brings out its unique brilliance. We had the privilege of observing some of the most skilled gemstone cutters at the family-operated gem lapidary and trading company, HC Arnoldi in Kirschweiler.

  5. Design Philosophy: Our BELONGING Bracelets, with their unique compositions of colored gemstones in varying shapes and sizes, express the perfect imperfections of nature. We are committed to creating and curating fine jewelry that is high-end, locally crafted, environmentally responsible, and designed for those with discerning tastes.

A Glimpse into History Gemstone mining in Idar-Oberstein dates back to the 15th century, with the discovery of Quartz in the Hunsrück Mountain Range region. This marked the inception of the gemstone manufacturing industry, with grinding workshops along the Idar River. However, the mining era came to a close in the mid-19th century following the discovery of gemstones in Brazil, leading to the importation of gems from around the world. Today, the Steinkaulenberg gemstone mine stands as the sole public-access gemstone mine in Europe, offering insight into the rudimentary tools once employed to uncover precious gemstones from the rock.

Today, the German Gemstone Museum in Idar-Oberstein is a treasure trove, housing every known gemstone in the world and showcasing some of the most captivating gemstone creations. It's a veritable paradise for gemstone and jewelry enthusiasts, a must-visit destination that never ceases to astonish.

For an in-depth account of our enchanting journey through the "City of Gems," don't miss Sharon Berkal's detailed feature on Haus Glanz

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