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Rareté Studios launches AZADI Citrine Belonging Bracelet

Rareté Studios launches AZADI Citrine Belonging Bracelet

Today, the luxury jewelry brand Rareté Studios launches the special edition AZADI BELONGING Bracelet as a statement against oppression. The bracelet is inspired by the Iranian women, men and children who risk their lives every day in their pursuit for happiness and freedom.

All profits generated through sales of the AZADI Citrine Belonging Bracelet will be donated to the organization Center for Human Rights in Iran, that is committed to generating awareness and keeping activists, journalists and supporters on the ground informed about the situation in different ways. 

The BELONGING Bracelet is a luxurious statement piece made of 18K recycled solid gold letter beads and with roughly facetted Citrine gemstones. The bracelet is made at highest quality standards by local craftsmen and -women in the gemstone town of Idar-Oberstein Germany. Thanks to an elastic stretch band the bracelet is easy and comfortable to wear as a true statement of solidarity. The bracelet can be purchased directly though the Rareté Studios Shop HERE.

“With this bracelet we want to express our support for everyone who wants to live a self-determined life in freedom. It’s a statement of solidarity and a reminder that we have a responsibility to continue to raise awareness and support in the best way we can.” - Sanaz Hughes, Co-Founder Rareté Studios.

Sanaz Hughes was born in Tehran and compiled her thoughts and position in a comment HERE

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