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The Belonging Bracelet featured in Hollywood’s most desirable gift bag - Rareté Studios

The Belonging Bracelet featured in Hollywood’s most desirable gift bag

Award Season is in full swing and so are the preparations for the 95th Oscar® Academy Awards Show that will be taking place on March 12th in Los Angeles. This year Rareté Studios will be featured with the Belonging Bracelet in what is probably Hollywood’s most desirable swag bag “Everyone wins”, which will be gifted independently to the Oscar®-Nominees in five Top categories: Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Director. This year's top acting and directing nominees include Austin Butler, Colin Farrell, Cate Blanchett, Ana de Armas, Michelle Williams, Michelle Yeoh, Judd Hirsch, Angela Bassett, Jamie Lee Curtis, Todd Field and Steven Spielberg.

“We are honored that such inspiring personalities will soon be wearing a Belonging Bracelet to celebrate themselves and this milestone in their lives. We might just play a small role in this special moment for the nominees, but they have the power to play a big role in our lives and maybe change it forever.” - Alexandra Wilke, Co-Founder Rareté Studios. 

Personalized bracelets with a message

Some nominees will receive a One-Letter-Bead Belonging Bracelet with the letter of their first name made of 18 carat solid gold with either Aquamarine, Amethyst or Herkimer Diamonds. For others the founders chose the AZADI Special Edition Belonging Bracelet, a statement against oppression and for solidarity with the people in Iran. All profits generated from sales of the AZADI Bracelet are donated to the Human Rights Center in Iran.

“It was especially important to us to use this global platform to continue to raise awareness for the people in Iran. As founders, as women, as humans, we stand with everyone who pursues their human right to a self-determined life in freedom and happiness and we count on the Nominees to continue to spread the word.” - Sanaz Hughes, Co-Founder Rareté Studios. 

A swag bag with a mission

The LA-based marketing agency Distinctive Assets is the initiator of the special swag bag “Everyone wins” that consists of a selection of unique, high-quality and luxurious products. The agency recognizes the massive platform they are offering and they have been providing it to a majority of smaller brands from around the world - women-led, black-owned, created by people from historically underrepresented groups and minorities. Other brands from outside the US include Ariadne Athens Skin (Greece), Bateel (UAE), Faro Punta Imperatore (Italy), Jo Bowlby/A Book for Life (UK), San Pellegrino (Italy), Reflect (Israel).

"We are excited and proud to once again be creating what is known worldwide as the ultimate swag bag. While our gifts may be famous for being fun, fabulous, useful and unique, they also serve a grander purpose. Most of the brands we include are from a diverse and inclusive array of small businesses who meaningfully benefit from the global exposure that being associated with Hollywood's Biggest Night affords them. This is celebrity marketing with a mission."  - Lash Fary, Founder, Distinctive Assets. 

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