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Making of: Our first ever TV appearance - Rareté Studios

Rareté Studios and the BELONGING Bracelet Shine at the Oscars and on RTL Gala TV

March marked a spectacular milestone in the young history of Rareté Studios. Our signature piece, the BELONGING Bracelet, graced the goodie bags of 26 Oscar®-Nominees, and we had an unforgettable moment in the spotlight.

A week prior to the Oscars, we had the pleasure of hosting Gala TV, a new weekly celebrity format on RTL, during our latest campaign shoot in Cologne. We discussed the vision behind Rareté Studios and our Hollywood journey.


Gala TV, Per Appelgren, Rareté Studios

Sanaz Hughes, Alexandra Wilke, Per Appelgren

Internationally renowned fashion and beauty photographer Per Appelgren joined us during the photo shoot. It was a chance to showcase the inner workings of our young jewelry label and our commitment to redefining modern luxury, encouraging people to embrace their uniqueness.

Our upcoming campaign, set to launch in mid-April, celebrates self-expression and meaningful life moments, from promotions and break-ups to pet adoptions and even Oscar nominations.


Gala TV, Rareté Studios, Belonging Bracelets

Gala TV, Rareté Studios, Belonging Bracelets

In our interview, we shared secrets about securing a spot in the prestigious gift bags, our gemstone selections (Aquamarine, Herkimer Diamond, Amethyst, and Citrine) for the nominees, and a special piece created for Austin Butler.

The TV shoot's second leg took us to our workshop in Idar-Oberstein, where we delved into the craftsmanship behind the BELONGING Bracelet. We provided an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the meticulous process of crafting 18-carat solid gold letter beads, from casting to final polish. We also shed light on the experts involved in this journey and our criteria for selecting unique gemstones for each piece.

Gala TV, Rareté Studios

Gala TV, Rareté Studios

Our gratitude goes to our dedicated team and partners who made this achievement possible, and to the RTL team for showcasing us and our bracelets.

The segment originally aired on RTL Gala TV on March 11th and is available on their mediathek.

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