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Your fine jewelry Christmas Gift Guide

Your fine jewelry Christmas Gift Guide

Three more months to go until Christmas. Time to treat yourself and those you love a little extra. In our fine jewelry gift guide we curated our favorite pieces for you - all made of recycled 18K solid gold and precious gemstones by world-class craftsmen in Idar-Oberstein, Germany. Get your orders in early to account for the time it takes to make and ship the jewelry.

Read until the end for our jewelry gifting pro-tip! :)

Blue Sapphire for your Queen

Imagine a velvety, vivid blue Sapphire framed in glossy white gold and finished with icy diamonds in brilliant cut, and you got the perfect Christmas gift for the Queen in your life. We recommend two pieces from our collection that spread pure elegance:

  • Blue Sapphire and Diamond Bangle
  • Blue Sapphire & Diamond Bubble Bracelet

Fancy Sapphire Bubbles to celebrate life

Fancy Sapphires come in all colors of the rainbow and are the ideal choice for those you want to surprise with a piece of jewelry that is fun, fashionable, yet timeless. Our Bubble Bracelet collection celebrates the manifold colors of life and offers something for everyone. Here are two of our favorites:

  • Bubble Bracelet with yellow and orange Sapphire & Diamond
  • Bubble Bracelet with shades of pink Sapphire & Diamond 

A Belonging Bracelet for the mommy-to-be

You have a newborn on the way this season? Reason enough to shower the mommy-to-be with an extra dose of love, and a personalized holiday push gift. Our BELONGING Bracelet, is a one-of-a-kind statement piece with your choice of colorful gemstones and solid gold letter beads that will carry the name or birthday of your baby forever.

BELONGING Bracelets in our current Limited Edition designs with Aquamarine, Amethyst, Morganite and other magnificent gems.

End the year with a big bang!

Often times you might forget to thank and appreciate the person that makes your life happy in so many ways: YOU! Reason enough to treat yourself to something you WANT! Something that will always remind you of how powerful you are! These two might be just perfect for that purpose:

  • Ruby Bang Bang Tennis Bracelet
  • Purple Sapphire Bang Bang Tennis Bracelet

Pro-Tip: When in doubt, go for multi-color!

If you want to get something special, but are uncertain what your loved one likes, we recommend our multi-colored Bubble Bracelet. There is not a lot of jewelry that masters to be fun and fashionable, yet timeless and understated at the same time. This is one a staple for life!

  • Multi-Color Bubble Bracelet

We hope that you were able to discover a very special gift for the people you love the most in our guide. If you require additional assistance, we are more than happy to help and consult you. 

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