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Rubies: The Birthstone of July

Rubies: The Birthstone of July

Known as the "king of gemstones," rubies symbolize passion, protection, and prosperity. At Rareté, we honor the rich history and allure of this gemstone with our exclusive designs, meticulously crafted from rare natural rubies and 18k recycled gold.

Discover Our Ruby Collection

Step into a world where bold elegance meets timeless beauty. Our ruby pieces not only enhance your style but also spark joy and inspiration. Let the radiant energy of July's birthstone guide you to shine brightly and unapologetically.

Fascinating Facts About Rubies

  • Color and Composition: Rubies are a stunning red variety of corundum, colored by chromium. The most coveted shade is a deep, vibrant red known as "pigeon blood."
  • Hardness: With a Mohs rating of 9, rubies are one of the hardest gemstones, perfect for everyday wear.
  • Symbolism: Throughout history, rubies have been revered for their passionate red hue, symbolizing protection and prosperity. They were treasured by royalty and warriors alike.
  • Rarity: High-quality rubies are rarer than diamonds, often commanding higher prices, especially for large, flawless stones.
  • Origins: Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and Thailand are renowned sources of the world's finest rubies, with Myanmar producing the most exquisite specimens.
  • Historical Significance: In ancient India, rubies were called the "king of gemstones," believed to offer protection and bring peace and harmony.
  • Fluorescence: Many rubies exhibit a mesmerizing fluorescence under UV light, which enhances their natural color and allure.
  • Famous Rubies: Notable rubies include the 23.10-carat "Carmen Lucia Ruby" at the Smithsonian Institution and the 25.59-carat "Sunrise Ruby," the world's most expensive ruby sold at auction.
  • Metaphysical Properties: Beyond their beauty, rubies are believed to stimulate the heart chakra, promote a zest for life, and boost courage and confidence.

Explore the captivating charm and rare elegance of rubies in our exclusive collection. Let these magnificent gemstones inspire you to embrace your unique self and shine with confidence.

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