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7 ways to practice Self-Love and Self-Appreciation - Rareté Studios

7 ways to practice Self-Love and Self-Appreciation

We are headed full speed into the the last part of the year 2022. And that means for many of us that the upcoming two months will likely be packed with holiday preparations, gift shopping, work events, dinner parties, wrapping up the year and rushing to check the last boxes of our list of annual goals that we haven’t gotten to yet.

Despite a busy holiday agenda, let’s not forget, now is also a great time to reflect, turn inwards, feel proud and appreciative of ourselves for what we accomplished and how much we have grown this year. Here are a few ideas and practices for how to practice more self-love during the holiday season:

  1. Design your favorite day ever! Map out a day for yourself of only the best of everything that you love. Sleep in your favorite sheets, eat cake for breakfast, snack your favorite Christmas treats while watching a feel-good movie, wear an outfit that makes you feel your best, call your best friend, take a long walk, buy something you like, do something you love and that makes you laugh!

  2. Cancel events! Seriously, you don’t have to accept every invitation. Think about the people that go, the conversations you would have and how you would feel being there. If it doesn’t feel 100%, just cancel without explanation. It’ll feel liberating and empowering, you’ll see!

  3. Build a nourishing sleep-routine! Everything starts with good sleep. Give yourself time to unwind, disconnect and relax body and mind before you go to bed. Music, candles, tea, a good book, a power workout, some ASMR tunes - find what works best for you. Even if it’s just a few minutes it’ll increase your sleep quality over time and help you feel more grounded and focused.

  4. Write a love letter to your inner child! You are loved, you are beautiful, you are full of potential. Write a letter addressed to your younger self about all the things you love about them, how much you trust in their abilities to create an amazing life and give them confidence and optimism to always stay true to themselves and their dreams, especially through hardship and challenging times.

  5. Surprise yourself! Do something you have never done before, but you have always wanted. Book a solo-trip, go on a blind date, wear a bold outfit, color your hair, sign up for an improv class, write a personal comment about a matter close to your heart - it should be something that is a little bit outside of your comfort zone, it’ll make you feel empowered.

  6. Splurge! You don’t need it, but you want it! We say: book the first class tickets, get yourself the designer handbag, order the champaign, treat yourself to a high-end piece of jewelry. You will not regret it, because that feeling of empowerment and self-determination is going to last forever.

  7. Take care of your body! Loving ourselves often times starts with loving our body and practicing gratitude for our body and for being healthy. Treat yourself to a long run, a relaxing yoga session, a meditation in the morning or a nutritious meal. Your body will thank you and it’ll show in so many different ways.

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