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Rareté Studios at Precious Room in Paris

A Dazzling Debut: Rareté Studios Shines at Precious Room in Paris

January marked another milestone in Rareté Studios' journey of building a global fine jewelry brand for a new generation of luxury shoppers. Selected as one of the emerging brands to grace the prestigious Precious Room by Muriel Piaser, The meeting place for Fine Jewelry and High Jewelry Designers” at the opulent Palais Vivienne in Paris, our co-founders Sanaz and Alexandra seized the opportunity to showcase our Belonging Collection during the pinnacle of Paris Haute Couture Fashion week on January 24th and 25th.

Welcoming international buyers, influential industry journalists, and trendsetting influencers to their booth, they shared not only the beauty of Rareté Studios jewelry but also the inspiring story and mission behind the young brand.

"As a brand with a global vision, Precious Room offered us with a remarkable platform to connect with buyers from around the world. We are deeply grateful for the opportunity and feel immensely inspired by those enchanting days in Paris." - Alexandra Wilke, Co-Founder Rareté Studios.

"The magnificent Palais Vivienne provided the perfect backdrop for our display, allowing our jewelry to shine in an environment that resonates with our vision. Contrary to traditional jewelry brands, we opted for an authentic and unapologetic presentation, letting the beauty of our pieces speak for themselves." - Sanaz Hughes, Co-Founder Rareté Studios

Belonging Bracelets display at Precious Room in Paris

Breaking Tradition with Precious Room

Precious Room, envisioned by Muriel Piaser, redefines the traditional showroom and trade fair experience. Acting as an unconventional Trunk Show, this biannual event strategically aligns with the purchasing periods of pre-collections, where 70% of budgets are allocated by buyers. For brands like Rareté Studios, it's a chance to showcase their latest collections, make a lasting impression, and secure orders.

"I founded Precious Room with the mission to uplift young brands like Rareté Studios, providing them an opportunity to connect with buyers and decision-makers from prestigious luxury establishments and department stores globally. It's more than a trade show; it's a celebration of craftsmanship and innovation." - Muriel Piaser, Founder of Precious Room.

Katerina Perez x Rareté Studios

A standout moment at the show was the visit from Katerina Perez, a distinguished fine jewelry insider and influencer based in Paris. Delving into our story, the Belonging Collection, and the meticulous craftsmanship in Idar-Oberstein, she handpicked her favorite piece—the newly launched Rose Belonging Bracelet featuring soft pink Morganite gemstones and the personalized touch of the letter A, honoring her son Alexander.

"If Timothée Chalamet has one, I want one too!" said Katerina, showcasing the resonance that Rareté Studios pieces can have with individuals.

Katerina Perez looking at Rareté Studios Belonging Bracelets at Precious Room

Image: Katerina Perez looking at Rareté Studios Belonging Bracelets at Precious Room

The show in Paris has fueled the team's passion for creating fine jewelry that goes beyond the conventional. We are more determined than ever to continue creating pieces that spark joy and resonate with individuals seeking authenticity and rarity.

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