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What would Barbie wear?

What would Barbie wear?

The summer of 2023 is pink, sparkly and bright! With the premiere of the long anticipated Barbie Movie ahead we curated some of our most beloved pink jewelry pieces for you, along with some lessons we've learned from Barbie over the decades. 

Embrace your inner child! 
Our Kunzit Belonging Bracelet with it's soft pink gemstones and gold letter beads makes us want to eat candy at the pool on a hot summer day!  

Pink Kunzite Belonging Bracelet Barbie Jewelry Inspiration


Be bubbly and playful! 
The Pink Sapphire and Diamond Bubble Bracelet brings fun to every look and every day; and it reminds us that life is a play! 

Pink Saphire Bubble Bracelet Barbie Jewelry Inspiration


Try new things! 
The Euphoria Ring Collection comes in all colors of the rainbow including pink and purple Sapphire, Ruby and Diamonds. The rings can be mixed and matched however you desire, you simply can't go wrong! Trust us! 

Pink Euphoria Ring Barbie Jewelry Inspiration

Be brave!
Ruby symbolizes passion, confidence and wealth. No doubt, Barbie would absolutely love our fiery red Ruby Tennis Bracelet

Pink Ruby Tennis Bracelet Barbie Jewelry Inspiration

Shine bright! 
If there's one thing that Barbie is not, it's shy. She's taught us to shine bright and not to be afraid to be seen. Naturally our Bold Bracelet with it's 471 pink Sapphires and 24 Diamonds would be her absolut go-to piece! 

Pink Saphire & Diamond Bold Bracelet Barbie Jewelry Inspiration

Can't decide? We're happy to consult and assist you in choosing your perfect pink piece of fine jewelry to celebrate summer, life and nostalgia. 

You can contact us here 


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