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Rareté Studios x Farina Opoku

Behind the scenes of our campaign shoot and TV interview for RTL Gala

Welcome to a behind-the-scenes glimpse into our latest jewelry collection campaign and our collaboration with the influential Farina Opoku. In this blog post, we'll guide you through the exciting journey of crafting this campaign and its profound impact on women in Iran. Join us as we unveil the details of this day and the change we aspire to create with this campaign.

Campaign Inspiration Our jewelry collection transcends mere fashion; it's a statement for change. Our mission was to create a campaign that rekindles awareness of ongoing injustices in Iran and champions women's rights. We joined forces with Farina Opoku, a celebrated lifestyle influencer and a mother with Persian heritage, to showcase our exclusive AZADI Belonging Bracelet and amplify our message.

"The collaboration behind this campaign, coupled with Farina's involvement, was truly extraordinary. Each participant, a year after Mahsa Amini's tragic passing, devoted their talents and resources to breathe life into this meaningful initiative. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all who took part and Gala TV for placing this important topic back on their agenda." - Sanaz Hughes, Co-Founder of Rareté Studios.

Organizing a campaign shoot demands meticulous planning and coordination. We were fortunate to shoot at the fabulous Studio Schanz with the internationally renowned fashion photographer Per Appelgren, an extraordinary artist and a dedicated supporter of Rareté Studios.

On Set with the TV Film Crew We were delighted to welcome the RTL Gala TV team back to our campaign shoot, interviewing us for a show segment. Sharing our vision and the significance of backing women's rights in Iran with a broader audience was a privilege.

For the first time, Farina spoke about the profound influence of Persian culture in her family, how the Iranian protests have affected her, and her commitment to using her platform to spotlight the ongoing injustices faced by women. The segment aired on September 23 at 17:45 on RTL. You can rewatch it here.

Farina for Gala TV

Farina for Gala TV "Farina Opoku's involvement in our campaign was a game-changer. Her advocacy for women's rights and dedication made her the ideal partner for this project. We were honored to have her as the ambassador for our Germany-wide campaign and for her openness in sharing her personal perspective and experiences during the RTL Gala interview. Her presence lent a new level of authenticity and credibility to our initiative." - Alexandra Wilke, Co-Founder of Rareté Studios.

The Impact We Aspire to Achieve Through this campaign, we aspire to raise awareness about the challenges that women in Iran confront and the vital need to support their rights. Our goal is to reach a broad audience and ignite a spark of action. We firmly believe that every small step contributes, and together, we can bring about change. All proceeds generated from our AZADI Belonging Bracelet will be donated to the Center for Human Rights in Iran

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