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Farina Opoku x Rareté Studios

Rareté Studios marks one year with new collection and AZADI-campaign with Farina Opoku

Cologne, September 15th. 2023. The young luxury jewelry brand Rareté Studios is launching a new BELONGING bracelet collection today to mark the company's one-year anniversary. The BELONGING Bracelet is the world's first name bracelet of its kind, with letter beads made of 18 carat gold and special colored gemstones. It was first released in September 2022. Since then, the team of leading designers and jewelry experts has further developed the bracelet with the following innovations:

  • Completely plastic-free: The new Belonging bracelets can be easily pulled over and flexibly adjusted with an 18-carat gold chain with a stopper lock. This mechanism replaces the previous rubber stretch band.
  • White gold designs: For the first time, Rareté Studios is offering 18-carat white gold designs for the letter beads of the BELONGING bracelet, responding to one of the most frequent customer requests.
  • Fair gemstones: From now on, Rareté Studios only works with gemstones that are cut in Idar-Oberstein and whose origin and mining are transparent.

The new BELONGING collection consists of six new designs with gemstones, including amethyst, silicon, granite, turquoise agate, phosphosiderite and the special edition AZADI.

Bita Nayet for Rareté Studios

Farina Opoku wears AZADI-BELONGING bracelet in Germany-wide digital OOH campaign with Ströer and the women's magazine desired

Part of the new BELONGING-collection is a new edition of the AZADI-BELONGING Bracelet, which was first introduced at the end of 2022. The bracelet with letter beads made of 18-carat yellow gold is a statement against oppression and for a self-determined life in freedom. All profits from sales of the bracelet will be donated to the Center for Human Rights in Iran.

“Persian culture is a big part of our family life and the events in Iran still shock us all to this day. With the AZADI campaign with Rareté Studios, I want to help ensure that women in Iran are not forgotten and use my voice and my platform for it. As the mother of a daughter with Persian roots, it is particularly important to me to show Nola the immeasurable value of a self-determined life in freedom.” - Farina Opoku, entrepreneur and lifestyle influencer.

The AZADI campaign with Farina will be shown across Germany from September 16th on selected Ströer digital out-of-home screens in cooperation with the women's magazine desired. Together, Rareté Studios, desired and Farina want to bring the resistance of Iranian women back into focus. In addition to Farina Opoku, the current collection is also presented by a model with Persian roots, Bita Nayeb.

Rareté Studios x Desired

"As a modern women's magazine, desired stands as a brand for female empowerment, so it was immediately clear to us that we wanted to support the AZADI campaign and thus the women in Iran with our wide reach. We already wrote about Iran last year and reported on the protests on our website, in the podcast and on our OOH screens. We would like to build on this so that the topic is not forgotten. The collaboration with the two Rareté Studios founders and with Farina Opoku proves once again what a strong impact women have together and that we as a female network can achieve a lot." - Nadine Jungbluth, editor-in-chief desired.

The entire collection is available at

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